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Void Analysis is an easy-to-use tool that will help you analyze demand and gaps and find the right tenants.


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Match Tenants with Available Real Estate

Void Analysis by SiteSeer goes  beyond finding retailers that are missing from a trade area. This robust tool looks at the types of markets and neighborhoods prospective tenants prefer, typical cotenants with which they co-locate, and whether a site is a good fit for a retailer. 

The result: better tenant prospects, lower turnover, and vibrant shopping centers.


  • Choose the best tenants for your shopping centers.


  • Focus and enhance your tenant recruitment efforts.


  • Augment your real estate experience and knowledge.

What users are saying
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A real estate developer’s secret weapon. Rather than spending countless hours researching prospective retail tenants to fill our developments, SiteSeer’s platform generates a robust void analysis in a matter of minutes. The quality of the prospecting data in SiteSeer’s reports is unparalleled. SiteSeer takes the stress out of data analysis and research, allowing our development team and brokers to focus on closing deals.
Mac Helms Hunt Properties, Inc.
What is void analysis

Identify Gaps in Goods and Services

Void Analysis reports provide trade area supply and demand (surplus and leakage) data for nearly 60 retail store and product categories. That way you can identify which goods and services are in demand in your area and where there are gaps.

Void Analysis

Find the Best Tenants

Unlike traditional approaches that only look at which tenants are missing from a site's trade area, Void Analysis also scores your site against the typical location profile of thousands of potential brands. That means lower turnover and happier clients who talk positively about you in the market.

Show retailers possible gaps that create business opportunities

Evaluate Opportunities

With Void Analysis, you can show prospective tenants that your site is a strong opportunity for them. Offer up a list of their current operating locations that are similar to your site with our real estate analog model (ask about our SiteSeer plan with unlimited Void Analysis).

Custom site packets contain market data and more

Recruit Confidently

Seal the deal with your prospective tenant with a custom site packet that has quality market data, site match scores, consumer spending and even demographics. Access Void Analysis reports at the push of a button (SiteSeer subscription required).


Dozens of Retail Categories

Choose from many categories of chain stores in Void Analysis to augment your search for the perfect tenant. Void Analysis by SiteSeer has extensive categories, making our analyses more detailed and accurate.

What makes Void Analysis by SiteSeer different?


Void Analysis will help you evaluate how often your anchor co-locates with certain types of businesses and assess the similarities and differences of various customer types.

Retail Match

Subscribe to SiteSeer to get unlimited Void Analysis—and get access to Retail Match. It gives brokers’ and communities’ recruitment packages that extra edge with an analysis of individual locations of a retail chain that match certain site characteristics.

Match Score

SiteSeer’s proprietary algorithm, Match Score, helps you prioritize the best chain businesses for a given site by increasing the number of factors being evaluated for each tenant and emphasizing those that are most important.

Full Site Packets

With Void Analysis Pro, you’ll get customized site packets with market data, site match scores,  consumer spending, and demographics in a trade area.

Void Analysis Report


Get access to a list of prospects in the DMA, state or other geographic area, that are not located in your defined trade area. 

Void Analysis Pro Report


Void Analysis report + match score (compare a site to where a chain concept typically locates) co-tenant info, and retail gap analysis.

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