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SiteSeer is a powerful site selection software for retail and restaurant chains, communities, brokers, and developers. Schedule a demo to learn how to make more accurate site and market decisions.

What sets SiteSeer apart


Easy to learn & use


25+ years in retail analytics


Ongoing support and professional services


Plans for every user


Build flexible, accurate models


Use your preferred data sources or ours



View and print maps with your company data and countless industry data sources. Create scenarios. Analyze. Visualize opportunities available to you.

Trade Areas

Create trade areas based on radius or drive times, or draw your own. Implement trade area rules that account for customer behavior and neighborhood type.


Produce standard or customized reports and site packets at the push of a button to quickly and easily assess demographics, market competition, and much more.

Void Analysis

Identify and refine retail tenants, create retail recruitment plans and recruit tenants, and determine what businesses are missing from a shopping center.

Retail Match

Search millions of retail locations and their trade area profiles to find the locations most similar to your site.

Community Match

Find communities like yours in your State or across the U.S. Benchmark your retail offering on nearly 60 store and product categories to understand your retail gaps.

Customer Analytics

Analyze your customers to understand behavior, find gaps in your network and market to your best customer segments.

Consumer Movement Data

Understand retail visitor behavior and consumer foot traffic with powerful location data from PlaceIQ.

Model Builder

Create your own site screening tools based on your unique key performance indicators. Choose from scorecards, pass/fail checklists and analog models.

Site Scorecards

Evaluate sites with custom scorecards. Choose from pre-built location profiles for 1,500+ retail and chain businesses or define your own metrics.

Hot Spots

Visualize the results of your models on a map. Hot Spot’s “heat map” shades your map to show you which markets to pursue and where the highest performing sites are found.

Analog Comparisons

Discover the stores in your network that are most similar to your site. Benchmark your site and compare and contrast locations to estimate site performance.

Predictive Models

Leverage SiteSeer’s Location Decision Engine to evaluate opportunities, forecast sales, estimate sales cannibalization and transfer and optimize your network.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze your competitors to ensure you have an accurate and thorough picture of the supply for your product or service (in addition to the demand).


Understand consumer behavior and trends. View charts, graphs and gauges to garner new insights into the key metrics that drive your business success.

Enhance your site selection process

Enhance your site selection process

Find the best markets and sites for your retail, restaurant, or other business concept. Evaluate potential opportunities, visualize your site selection profiles on a map, and quickly create your own scorecards and hot spots.

Power your retail sales forecasting

Power your retail sales forecasting

Use AI/machine learning to improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts. Produce predictive models that meet your needs—choose from analog, regression, gravity, artificial intelligence, and sales cannibalization models.

Discover your best customers

Discover your best customers

Grow smarter by understanding who your best customers are and where to find more of them. Use mobile phone and other data to understand consumer activity, behaviors, attitudes, and more and build better trade areas.

Find your best tenants

Find the best tenants

Use Void Analysis to identify retail demand gaps in your trade areas and the best tenants to fill them. Produce customized site packets and use the Retail Match tool to determine how your site matches different retailer/restaurant chains’ requirements.

Improve your community retail recruitment

Improve your community retail recruitment

Economic development done right creates jobs, provides in-demand retail for your community, and increases your tax revenue. With SiteSeer, you can run surplus and leakage reports, identify demand gaps, find the right businesses to fill them, and create compelling retail recruiting packets.

What SiteSeer users say

“SiteSeer is the right tool to help us prioritize markets and rank and compare potential sites based on supply and demand for our offering. Going forward, we’ll have more confidence that every location we open has been carefully evaluated to ensure a high likelihood of success.”
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Director of Real Estate and Market Research
“We have evaluated many different location analytics toolsets and like the value that SiteSeer’s Community pack and Vista data will provide us as we offer new entrants information about this market… With SiteSeer, we will enhance our ability to provide substantive, evergreen data to show companies why they would succeed here.”
City of Baytown Associate Executive Director
“Our teams have collaborated to develop a robust platform for market analysis that will help us make well-informed real estate strategy decisions. We look forward to using the SiteSeer platform to help us with future store development and help us effectively manage our existing store portfolio.”
Mattress Firm SVP Real Estate

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