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In retail, achieving success requires a thorough site selection process (and a little luck). SiteSeer will help you find and select better locations. Choosing the right location can lead to higher sales, of course, but it’s also critical to your store’s long-term viability. Retailers of all sizes rely on SiteSeer to evaluate sites, understand their customers, and grow smarter.

Location Selection Service

Your retail site selection solution

Run maps and reports on demographics, lifestyle segmentation, traffic counts, shopping center information, competitors, and more. When you need more out of SiteSeer—think site scorecards, hot spots, sales forecasts, and more—just adjust your plan to meet your needs.

Questions SiteSeer can help you answer

Questions SiteSeer can help you answer

Who are your customers and how can you find more of them? Why do certain locations perform while others don’t? Which markets are best for your concept, and how can you maximize sales potential? And how can you avoid cannibalizing sales of your existing stores?


Features for retailers

  • Maps
  • Trade Areas
  • Reports
  • Model Builder
  • Site Scorecards
  • Hot Spots
  • Customer Analytics
  • Winner’s Profiles
  • Predictive Models
  • Analog Comparisons
	 Choose the plan for you

Choose the plan for you

We have four levels of SiteSeer Professional with different location decision features. Looking for DIY tools? Additional demographic or other data? Custom site selection modeling services? Add on whatever you need.

What retail businesses say about SiteSeer

“…was extremely helpful. Good analysis.”
Subway Franchise Owner
“Our teams have collaborated to develop a robust platform for market analysis that will help us make well informed real estate strategy decisions. We look forward to using the SiteSeer platform to help us with future store development and help us effectively manage our existing store portfolio.”
Mattress Firm
Mattress Firm Randy C., SVP Real Estate
“SiteSeer is the right tool to help us prioritize markets and rank and compare potential sites based on supply and demand for our offering. Going forward, we’ll have more confidence that every location we open has been carefully evaluated to ensure a high likelihood of success.”
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Director of Real Estate and Market Research

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