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Your restaurant’s location can make or break your business. SiteSeer provides the insights you need to learn what makes your business successful and the tools to find better sites. Whether you’re regional or national…a quick-service, fast casual, or casual restaurant chain, SiteSeer can help you grow sales and make better market decisions.

Your restaurant site selection solution

Your restaurant site selection solution

You might have a hunch that a location or market is perfect for your restaurant concept, but SiteSeer can help you be certain. Predictive analytics and SiteSeer’s robust suite of tools will help you go beyond “gut feel” analytics. Make data-driven location decisions and expand the smart way.

Questions SiteSeer can help you answer

Questions SiteSeer can help you answer

Who are your best customers and when do they visit? Where can I find more locations like my best restaurants…and how do I go about franchising? What type of shopping centers are best for my restaurant? And will my concept work in a new market?

Site Selection

Features for restaurants

  • Maps
  • Trade Areas
  • Reports
  • Model Builder
  • Site Scorecards
  • Hot Spots
  • Customer Analytics
  • Winner’s Profiles
  • Predictive Models
  • Analog Comparisons
Choose the plan for you

Choose the plan for you

We have four levels of SiteSeer Professional with different location decision functions and features. Looking for DIY tools? Additional demographic or other data? Professional services? Custom site selection modeling services? Add on whatever you need.

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