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Whether you own, manage or franchise your locations, you must create an expansion plan that returns consistent, profitable results. Companies from health clubs to hotels to disaster recovery businesses to doggy daycare centers use SiteSeer to help them grow effectively and efficiently.


Your franchise site selection solution

As a franchisor, you want to select top-performing locations. And as a franchisee, you need to understand your competition and the marketplace. SiteSeer can help you evaluate the impact of new franchise locations, delineate and optimize franchise territories, and establish a methodology for selling franchises.

Questions SiteSeer can help you answer

Questions SiteSeer can help you answer

Who are your best customers? How do you replicate success when selecting new locations, and how can you help franchisees choose the best sites? How do you define territories that are fair and defendable? And how do you manage and prioritize markets?

Features for franchises

Features for franchises

  • Maps
  • Trade Areas
  • Reports
  • Site Scorecards
  • Hot Spots
  • Customer Analytics
  • Winner’s Profiles
  • Predictive Models
Choose the plan for you

Choose the plan for you

We have four levels of SiteSeer Professional with different location decision features. Looking for DIY tools? Additional demographic or other data? Custom site selection modeling services? Add on whatever you need.

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