Competitive Assessment
Understand your competitors.

Just like understanding your customers is essential to your site location strategy, so is identifying and assessing your competition. Dig into the “supply” side of the equation as much as the “demand” side, and determine whether your competitors are who you think they are by measuring their strength in your trade area.

Evaluate competitive impacts

Evaluate competitive impacts

Not all competitors are created equal.  It’s important to understand not only the quantity of competitors but also their strength and positioning.  SiteSeer’s Competitive Assessment Model provides the tools to evaluate the impact of each competitor on your stores and sites. That way, you ensure that you are looking at competition objectively—and from many vantage points.

Measure Competitive Impacts

Measure overall competitiveness

SiteSeer’s Competitive Assessment Model utilizes a powerful spatial interaction model to determine each competitor and sister store’s share of business.  The result is a competitiveness index that can be used to benchmark your site against other stores in your chain, improve your models and increase your knowledge of how competition affects your business.


Adjust model assumptions

Understanding competition often means gathering intelligence in the field and making judgments about how a particular chain performs in one market versus another or about the strength of an independent operator.  Adjust the assumptions of the Competitive Assessment Model to the specific dynamics of the market for a more accurate result.  No black box here.

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