Your Location Decision Engine

SiteSeer Professional

Web-based Analytics Software

Full-featured analysis and reporting platform

Cloud-based: no installation required and always up-to-date

Tools designed specifically for business location analysis

Access to your own data and the best industry sources

Add users, share work, and control access to sensitive information

Expand SiteSeer Professional with the following functionality packs

Site Selection

Expansion Pack

Site Scoring

Opportunity "Hot Spots"

Market Strategy & Ranking

Sales Forecasting

Expansion Pack

Machine Learning Models (AI)

Regression Models , Analogs and SIMs

Sales Cannibalization Models

Customer Analysis

Expansion Pack 

Customer Segmentation

Sales Transfer/Dilution

Target Marketing Optimization


Territory Planning Expansion Pack

Territory Management

Territory Optimization Model

Franchisee Portal

Void Analysis Professional

Real Estate Expansion Pack

Shopping Center Void Analysis

Site Match Tenant Model

Tenant Site Packets


City Government Expansion Pack

Community Analysis

Surplus and Leakage

Retail Recruiting Packets

Powered by the industry’s best data sources

SiteSeer’s data model is designed for the ultimate in flexibility, security and data source neutrality. Access your internal company data as well as external data from the providers listed below or the vendor you know and trust.

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